Your Questions About Iran

Lizzie asks…

Three different rounds of sanctions against Iran, why will a forth have a different effect?

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1803

None of these “sanctions” have had an effect against Iran what so ever in their search for a nuclear weapon.

What is the definition of insanity again?

Staff answers:

They wont have any effect because Iran knows that Obama isnt a threat and China and Russia will water down the sanctions. We should just send a few missles to blow up their nuclear facilities,

Mark asks…

Why do we worry so much about Iran when N Korea and other states have always been a bigger threat?

I just thought about it, Iran hasn’t used WMDs like N Korea and Iraq, people in Iran can actually stage protests, Iran seems tame compared to alot of other countries. Yeah they hate Israel, but so does every other Middle Eastern Country and then some. I don’t understand why we worry so much about Iran. Your thoughts?

Staff answers:

I agree, but don’t know

Michael asks…

If we go to war with Iran, will cowardly liberals dodge the draft and send conservatives to fight and die?

As they did in Vietnam? Finding a democrat who served in uniform is like finding a liberal who isn’t on welfare and has a full-time job: next to impossible.

Iran is killing Israelis and Obama and company are just standing back and watching it all and doing nothing. If Bush was in charge, we’d be over there and have the mission accomplished. This is the difference between a natural born fighter pilot and a Kenyan law professor.

Staff answers:

Dear war monger….there is no draft and the country has no stomach for another of your republican wars

Allow the President to deal with it as he will….as he smiles…he plots…oh person of no faith

Bush took the country into the war for own reasons and you followed like sheep

Lives lost for nothing…..1000s body broken and more killed themselves than died in the war


Lisa asks…

Do you thin Iran is secretly building a bomb and will Israel attack?

There won’t be srious sanctions against Iran. China is blocking the UN from instituting sanctions and Barry would rather let Iran do as they please.

Staff answers:

Iran with a nuclear weapon is a VERY bad thing for anyone not on their knees praying to the east. They are a clear and present danger to western democracy and have repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel if given the chance to develop nuclear weapons. In a world of Islamic terrorism, a nuclear armed enemy is a threat, even if Obama is too busy bowing to see it.

Sandy asks…

What would be the penalty for being convicted of illegal reporting in Iran?

I’m referring to the British journalists on trial in Iran. What would happen if they are convicted? I’m pretty sure the charge isnt exactly “Illegal reporting” but something to that effect right?

Staff answers:


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