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Mary asks…

what happens to the value of the stock of a company listed on pink slip when it is picked up by NASDAQ?

NASDAQ has a $1.00 per share minimum requirement… If a stock in the pink slip exchange worth $0.05 becomes part of NASDAQ, does it jump in value to $1.00 per share?

Staff answers:

No it does not jump up
The only thing that drives the price of a stock up is buyers.

NASDAQ will not list a stock that is currently trading at $0.50

Nice try

Richard asks…

What are the top 20 nasdaq stocks in terms of market capitalization ?

Staff answers:

In order of current market cap direct from the NASDAQ website:
Microsoft (MSFT)-$208B
Apple (AAPL)-$146B
Cisco (CSCO)-$128B
Google (GOOG)-$108B
Oracle (ORCL)-$105B
Intel (INTC)-$104B
Qualcomm (QCOMM)-$75B
Amgen (AMGN)-$61B
Teva Pharmacutical (TEVA)-$46B
Research in Motion (RIMM)-$43B
Gilead Sciences (GILD)-$41B (AMZN)-$36B
Comcast (CMCSA)-$31B
LM Ericsson (ERIC)-$30B
e-Bay (EBAY)-$28B
Dell (DELL)-$25.6B
Celgene Corp (CELG)-$25.2B
DirecTv (DTV)-$25.0B
Infosys Technology (INFY)-$24.94B
Mitsui & Company (MITSY)-$24.91B

Maria asks…

Who is the female reporter who reports from NASDAQ on CNN?

I was watching CNN and there was a female reporter who was reporting from the NASDAQ. What is her name?

Staff answers:

Maureen Farrell

John asks…

How many of you are SCHOCKED to see the DOW and NASDAQ trade at these levels?

I never thought it would get this bad unless one of the big three closed.

Just imagine if that happened???

Staff answers:

Are you kidding?
You ain’t seen nuthin yet. Just imagine when Obama gets ANOTHER Trillion $ spending bill.

Nancy asks…

am an resident of India, how can i start trading in exchanges in other countries such as NASDAQ , NYSE etc?

What is the process ? Can any one give me a lead on the same.

Staff answers:

For the US, you need an American brokerage account. Fidelity definitely has offices overseas, and it has a .in site. Very reputable firm headquartered in Boston.

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